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Town of Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada - Welcome to Smiths Falls
Local Business Business Listing Chamber of Commerce Downtown Business Association Advantage Smiths Falls - 41.4kb -

Township of Springwater - Home
Government Heading) for more local links! Springwater Council Sets Strategic Priorities  The 2010 - 2014 Township of Springwater Council has completed its Strategic Plan which outlines priorities for the rest of its four-year - 34.9kb -

Public Health Home - Public Health
Information Phone Lines Media Releases Newsletters Reports Research Studies Resource Centre Lending Library Partners & Professionals Community Gardens Community Gardens in Cambridge Community Gardens in Kitchener Community - 56.0kb -

New Fall Programs at BALC
the focus is on social media and what it can do for you or your business. We hope to see you at this event and more! Computer Club Workshop: "Social media Basics" Join us on Tuesday, September 20, 2011, at 1:00 p.m. for - 34.2kb -

Region of Waterloo Home - Region of Waterloo
Region Get Involved Media Participating Sites Events Calendar Explore Waterloo Region Heritage Heritage Links Heritage Planning Heritage Planning Advisory Committee Libraries Maps Museums Doon Heritage Village - 67.2kb -

Town of Hanover
Media and Communications Other Services Transportation Networks Utilities - 41.9kb -

About Conestoga->College Reports
training. The city and local industry would support the expansion of the facility to meet the demands of the local economy by acquiring a contiguous parcel of land to allow for expansion of the current building. The - 34.2kb -

About Conestoga->College Reports
dramatically affect the local, export-oriented manufacturers, dictate that Conestoga monitor these trends carefully and respond strategically. A key for Conestoga will be to deliver the “knowledge based” workers - 32.4kb -

Ontario Reptile and Amphibian Atlas | Species | Protect | Ontario Nature
provide an overview of the local herpetofauna, techniques and tips to surveying for reptiles and amphibians and an overview of the atlas project. Training workshops will be offered to local groups and are intended to provide hands-on training - 32.1kb -

Stewardship | Nature Reserves | Habitat | Protect | Ontario Nature
Back to top Local nature reserve stewards Volunteers are the backbone of Ontario Nature nature reserve system. Ontario Nature relies on Local stewards who are members of the Nature Network to monitor and care for the - 33.8kb -

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